Canaan Longboards

Hardwood longboards and skateboards handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Canaan longboards, handcrafted with hickory construction creating the world’s best skateboards. Carving and cruising is smoother than ever when you skate a solid hickory deck. Downhill and freeride longboards are more responsive and controllable thanks to the vertical engineered cores on all Canaan Longboards.

Our Mission:

To Build America's Finest Handcrafted Longboards

Our Standards:
No Plywood
Longboard Innovation
Break the paradigm of mass produced, plywood deck construction.
Quality Materials
Quality Materials
Create a work of art with the best natural materials the Earth has to offer.
Solid Longboard Construction
Solid Construction
Craft a rock solid longboard deck that retains a smooth-as-silk ride.
Low Environmental Impact
Eco-Friendly Production
Keep environmental impact as low as possible.
Preserve & Outperform
Style & Performance
Preserve the natural beauty and classic style while outperforming conventional longboard decks.
How We Build Longboards

How We Do It

Building our longboards from American Hickory increases the overall natural deck performance by an average of 23.25% over Hard Maple construction.

We substantially increase ride responsiveness and deck control. Our decks are built with hand milled, vertically engineered, thin wood panels. Our innovative construction decreases horizontal glue lines by nearly 75% dramatically lowering the performance loss and chance of delamination.

Our Green-Centric building process and use of locally sourced woods dramatically reduces the carbon foot print of our construction. The natural strength of Hickory eliminates the need for pre-manufactured, foreign materials such as bamboo or cork, as well as unnatural composites such as fiberglass or carbon fiber.
A minimalist deck design combined with the natural strength of Hickory, provides instantaneous rider control, fluid weight and torsional load distribution and an extreme shock resistance. Our decks are some of the smoothest and easiest to ride longboards on the street.

To ensure the hardest-wearing and longest-lasting finish in the skateboard industry, we finish our longboards by encasing each deck in an eco-friendly, bio-resin. Finally, our unmatched grip system is comprised of embedded, recycled, crystal clear grip fused to the deck with the same bio-resin used in our finish process.

The result: Canaan Longboards are truly the finest built, smoothest riding, longest lasting handcrafted longboards in America.
Handcrafted Longboards
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