.375" Precision Riser for Arsenal Longboard Trucks, Grey

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  • Description
    Everything Matters! To win a race, everything matters. Canaan Longboards' Precision Risers are made with recycled, marine grade, High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) creating the most solid and predictable riser in the industry. The riser connects the mechanical operations of your trucks, wheels, bushings and bearings to the deck. When the urethane meets the road, simply slapping on some injection molded or die-cut risers could prove devastating. Demand the best, Canaan Longboards' Precision Milled Risers.

    Sold 2 Risers to a Set
  • Specifications
    • Zero Expansion During Shifting Road Temperatures
    • Within .001" Tolerance Across the Riser (1/4 the thickness of a sheet of paper)
    • Near Zero Compression Capacity
    • Precision Milled Screw Holes Eliminates Torsional Variances Between the Truck and Deck
    • Micro Beveled Edges Eliminate Tooling bite into the Bottom of Your Deck
    • 100% Built in the USA
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