Arsenal 180MM 50 Degree Raw

  • Description

    Arsenal Cast Trucks are designed to be as close to precision as the gravity casting process can provide. With extremely low tolerances and superior engineering, Cast Arsenals are the strongest and most comfortable cast truck on the market period. They feature tall bushings, a bushing seat that complements the aggressive geometry and allows for ample lean and stability. After hundreds of hours of testing the strength, durability, and overall feel: we believe that Cast Arsenals just may be the best cast truck you will ever ride.

    1 Truck (2 Required for a Set)
  • Specifications
    • High End Performance for both Freeride and Downhill
    • 180mm Width
    • Hardened Alloy Steel Axles
    • 50° Base Designed and Set up for Tall Barrel Bushings
    • 90a Tall Barrel Arsenal C4 Bushings
    • Grade 8 Pressed in Kingpin. Zero Slop Period.
    • Flipable Hanger with Custom Kingpin Hole Geometry to Maximize Bushing Contact.
    • Tight Deep Bushing Seats. Insane Return and Response.
    • Precision Cast Alloy Hangers and Bases. Both Heat Treated to a T6 Temper for Unmatched Strength.
    • Precision Geometry. Same Geometry as our Precision Machined Trucks.
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