Divine 73MM Crucibles 82A

  • Description


    After extensive design and testing, the Divine "Crucibles" are finally here! Providing supreme performance, this is the race wheel you've all been waiting for! The Crucibles incorporate a number of critical design elements into one complete package. Coming in at 73mm tall with a wide 63mm contact patch and a slightly offset core, it’s easy to see that these wheels were engineered for the racetrack! Crucibles feature fat 10mm lips, with a straight cut back that provides excellent grip and flex, yet allow smooth and controllable slides.

    The square lips and large contact patch allow the wheels to maintain a consistent slide while sideways and a predictable hookup in corners, allowing for shorter pre-drifts and cleaner lines. The 6-Star Glass Core was chosen to increase lip support and produce maximum roll speed. The Crucibles are poured with high performance Road Ripper urethane - already well known for its high roll speed and predictable slide. Developed to be the ultimate race wheel, Divine Crucibles will get you down the hill faster than ever before. Crucibles are available in 78a and 82a durometers.
  • Specifications
    • Height: 73mm
    • Width: 64mm
    • Contact Patch: 64mm
    • Duro: 82a
    • Core:Slightly Offset
    • Stone Ground: No
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